Meal delivery services

If you have difficulties preparing your meals, you can get ready-cooked food delivered to your home every day at noon. 

Individual choices 

On weekdays you can choose between two alternative dishes. You can also make other choices, for example regarding the portion size, dessert, raw food, supply of extra nutrients, special diet or pureed food. 

Delivered to your home  

Restaurang Rutger in Skurup and the kitchen of the elderly housing facility Bruksgården in Rydsgård can offer good, freshly cooked and nutritious food which is delivered to your home by the home help services staff.

Pleasant experience 

It is our aim to make your meal a pleasant experience that helps promote good health and wellbeing. 

If you want to apply for meal delivery services, you contact the social welfare coordinator of your area.

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Sidan uppdaterad 2021-09-15