Building and Housing

Issues concerning building and housing as well as municipal planning and technical matters are mainly handled by the Department of Municipal Services. We answer any questions that may arise when moving to Skurup or when relocating within the municipality. We can also assist you if you are planning to purchase a building lot or build a house. 


Our services

As a citizen of our municipality, you can obtain help if you intend to make an extension to your house, connect your property to the public water and sewage networks, get information on current charges and fees, search for addresses and real estates, etc. 

At the Department of Municipal Services, we also handle issues concerning the physical planning (detail maps and overview maps) as well as building permits.

Public facilities 

The Public Roads Office oversees the construction, operations and maintenance of public facilities, such as streets and public roads, water and sewage, garbage management, parks and green spaces, etc. Among its responsibilities is also the maintenance of the harbour of Abbekås.

Skurups Elverk, the public electric utility provider of Skurup, is responsible for the provision of electricity in central Skurup, while Eon provides the power for the remaining area. Skurups Elverk oversees the construction, operations and maintenance of electrical installations as well as public lighting, and is also responsible for cable television and broadband.

Skurups Energihandel is an energy trading company that offers electricity from fossil free and renewable sources to its customers. 

Find an apartment

If you want to rent an apartment, you contact the public housing company Skurupshem or another landlord. To get information about homes for sale and vacant building lots, you turn to a local real estate agent. 

Contact information 

Department of Municipal Services

Phone: +46 (0)411-53 60 00

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