The Bongska wetlands

In Skurup, we love our nature areas. Recently, a new nature area, the Bongska wetlands, opened to visitors. The Bongska wetlands, which present a fascinating fauna and flora, are situated along the lower part of the Skivarp stream, near its mouth into the Baltic Sea to the east of Abbekås.


Parking opportunities are available, and easy access is provided via the Kustväg 9 or Kroppsmarksvägen roads.

Bus #305 and #190 stop at Mossby Kaffestuga. Then you walk west for a hundred metres.

Two information signs presenting a map and thrilling facts will be in place by the summer of 2021.

Abounding fauna and flora

The area offers rich opportunities for walking, exploring nature, and fishing, provided that you have a valid fishing licence.

If you feel like extending your walk, why not continue east toward the Mossbystrand nature reserve, where you can find plants like pasqueflower, harebell, and sea pea. Or you can head west toward the cosy harbour of Abbekås.

The wetlands – a vital environment

Frogs, fish, birds and insects need wetlands to survive. The amphibians and many fishes depend on still, shallow waters to mate and lay eggs. The larvae of mosquitoes and other insects are aquatic and hatch in the wetlands. The larvae and the adult insects are eaten by fish, frogs, birds, and bats.

In order to make room for those animals and plants that consider the wetlands their home, and to hold back and clean the waters of the Skivarp stream, dams were built in the summer of 2020, creating two frog habitats and a nutrient pond. The project was initiated by the Sydvästra Skånes Vattenråd, a regional waters conservation advisory board, and the Municipality of Skurup.

The following species have been found in the Bongska wetlands:

Protected amphibians:

  • smooth newt and northern crested newt 
  • common frog and edible frog 
  • common toad 


  • western yellow wagtail 
  • great spotted woodpecker 
  • green sandpiper 


Among others the protected

  • Rosa micrantha
  • Rosa agrestis
  • Rosa inodora
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