Adult education

The Municipality of Skurup offers adult education to its registered citizens. The aim of the adult education is to give all adults the opportunity to raise their competence and improve their self-esteem. The education will prepare you for work as well as higher studies, thereby enabling you to better take part in society.

At Nils Holgerssongymnasiet, the Nils Holgersson Senior High School, you can study at the following levels:

  • Basic level (Elementary/junior high school)
  • Senior high school level
  • Special education for adults with mental disabilities at different levels
  • Swedish for immigrants 

Individual study model 

You get access to an individual study model, tailored to meet your educational needs. You can study at your own pace, thereby creating good opportunities to combine your studies with life as an adult. We also offer you study and career counselling as well as coaching. 

Attractive and inspiring studying environment

The adult education in Skurup is a small school, which gives our students great benefits:

  • Small study groups
  • Friendly personal atmosphere
  • Individual educational support from our experienced and high qualified teachers
  • Technical support
  • Socially committed staff

Here, you have every chance of succeeding in your studies. 

Welcome to the Adult education in Skurup! 

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